Throwback Thursday - Luke Pilcher of the Whitby Steelhawks Making His Mark in the ALL

by Lance Winn

If you didn't know who Luke Pilcher was, there is a good chance you do now, especially if you follow the Arena Lacrosse League and the Whitby Steelhawks. Pilcher is currently tied for most goals by a rookie in the ALL with Toronto Monarchs sniper Eddie Renaud with 24 and trails another Monarchs rookie, Sam Postma in points, Pilcher is tied with Renaud with 40, 7 behind Postma. He is currently the Steelhawks leading pointgetter.

What makes Pilcher's stats that much more impressive is at 18 years old he is one of the youngest players in the ALL, getting his feet wet playing against men much older and experienced. But you wouldn't know this if you see Luke play, his maturity level as a player is well beyond his years. 

When you look at this week's Throwback Thursday picture you will understand why, Luke is pictured with his brother Dan Macrae on NLL draft day in 2006, Dan is the current captain of the same Calgary Roughnecks team that drafted him that day back in 2006, showing that talent does pass down some bloodlines. 

Catching up with Luke, we open with our signature Throwback Thursday question:

         1. What is your first thought that comes to mind when you see the picture?

Pilcher: That I was proud to be there with my brother and excited to see him get drafted.

         2.This picture was taken on NLL draft day in 2006 when your brother Dan (Macrae) was selected 6th overall by the Calgary Roughnecks, do you see the role reversed someday in the near future where Dan comes to see you drafted?

Pilcher: Yes, this has always been my dream to be drafted into the NLL and it would be awesome to have my brother there that night with me to celebrate. It would be like a full circle for us.

        3. At 18 years old, you are enjoying a very successful rookie season in the Arena Lacrosse League, describe your thoughts playing against players much older and the success you have had? 

Pilcher: It’s a great experience being able to play with grown men and with all the talent that’s on the floor. It definitely has boosted my confidence to another level.

        4. Back to the picture, Dan is the current Captain of the Calgary Roughnecks, has he passed down some of his leadership skills to you and if so, are you able to utilize any of those skills being the youngest player in the Steelhawks dressing room?

Pilcher: Dan has always been a role model for me and watching him on and off the floor has definitely rubbed off on me. Dan has given me the confidence to play at a higher level throughout my whole lacrosse career. With my level of confidence I am able to communicate effectively with my team.  

         5. Ok, we have to ask this, at 18 you are playing in the ALL and having success, what are your future plans, do you declare yourself early for the NLL draft or do you have plans to attend a US College?

Pilcher: I am currently in the process of getting into RIT for next year. After graduation, I hope to be drafted into the NLL. This has always been a dream of mine and my family. 

Well fans, there you have it, enjoy watching Pilcher in the ALL this season before he heads to RIT in the fall, and when he does graduate we can all look back on this season and remember when the young boy we see in the picture became a man in the lacrosse world. Thanks Luke for doing this interview and best of luck in the near and distance future.

(If you have a throwback picture of a current ALL player and a story to go along with it, please reach out to and share with us, we are looking to make this a regular Thursday article throughout the remainder of the 2019 season.)