This Week in the Arena Lacrosse League-Week Seven

by Gary Groob

The Arena Lacrosse League had three games this weekend, all with ramifications to the standings. From teams vying for the lead, to teams looking to stay on top, the skill level and game quality was top notch in all three.

Saturday, February 1

Oshawa Outlaws vs. Whitby Steelhawks at the Children's Arena in Oshawa, Ontario. Whitby remains undefeated with a 15-11 victory.

Oshawa played the Steelhawks tough getting out to an 8-4 lead midway through the second quarter. In weeks past, the Outlaws special teams units were their secret weapon, however in this game it was their downfall. Whitby scored six powerplay goals, and three shorthanded goals, as opposed to Oshawa's three powerplay goals, and two shorthanded goals, and that was the difference in the game.

The Steelhawks were led by Cam Milligan (4g,7a), Jeff Fernandez (3g,5a), Liam Osbourne (5g,0a), with Dylan Hutchison (0g,5a) being the playmaker.

The Outlaws were led by Luke Laszkiewicz (5g,2a), Geoff McNulty (1g,4a), and John St. John (1g,3a).

The Three Stars:

1. Cam Milligan F Whitby
2. Lukas Coote G Whitby
3. Luke Laszkiewicz F Oshawa

Peterborough Timbermen vs. Toronto Monarchs at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre (TRAC).

The Timbermen jump out to a quick 7-0 lead just five minutes into the second quarter, on way to a 12-7 victory. The Monarchs played well in the second half, but had too far to climb to get back into the game.

Peterborough was led by Vaughn Harris (5g,3a), and Mitchell Geoffroy (4g,3a), with Joel Matthews (1g,3a) doing a lot of the play making.

Campbell Parker (3g,1a), and John Vezina (2g,1a) led the way for the Monarchs.

The Three Stars:

1. Vaughn Harris F Peterborough
2. Mitchell Geoffroy T Peterborough
3. Graham Bergsma R Toronto

Sunday, February 2

St. Catharines Shockwave vs. Paris RiverWolves at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena (ILA).

Paris needed a win to keep up with the undefeated Whitby Steelhawks after their big win yesterday.

A newcomer to the RiverWolves, but not to the lacrosse world, Pat Saunders made he presence felt immediately. Saunders' Four goals (three on the powerplay) was the difference in today's game with Paris coming away with the 16-14 victory.

The RiverWolves looked to have the game in hand, up 15-10 with under five minutes to go, but a late Shockwave surge, had the game 15-14 with 0:24 seconds left. Paris scored once more with seven seconds left to seal the victory.

The RiverWolves were led by Cole Spear (5g,1a), Pat Saunders (4g,2a), and Josh Medeiros (3g,2a), with Connor Goodwin (1g,4a), and Dan Keane (0g,3a) playing the setup men.

St. Catharines was led by Bryan Neufeld (5g,4a), Layne Smith (3g,1a), and Kyle Pedwell (3g,0a), with Cody Menzie (1g,4a) being the setup man.