Team Power Rankings for Week Six

by Gary Groob

1. Whitby Steelhawks (5-0)

The Steelhawks remained undefeated although Toronto pushed them to the brink, the Steelhawks found a way to hold on.

2. Paris RiverWolves (5-1)

Paris made a loud statement to the rest of the league that they were the team to beat. They manhandled the Oshawa Outlaws completely, and look poised to give a run for the top of the league.

3. Peterborough Timbermen (3-2)

The Timbermen showed how explosive a team they could be scoring six times in just over thirteen minutes en route to victory.

4. St. Catharines Shockwave (2-3)

The Shockwave had the week off.

5. Toronto Monarchs (2-4)

The Monarchs came as close as they could without winning against the Whitby Steelhawks. Unfortunately, the early hole they dug for themselves was just a bit too big for them to dig out of.

6. Six Nations Snipers (0-6)

The Snipers are the best 0-6 team I have seen in a long time. If they are able to play disciplined for the entire sixty minutes, they will move up very rapidly.

7. Oshawa Outlaws (2-3)

The Outlaws had a long afternoon against the powerful Paris team, exposing things that need addressing right away.