by Andre Spence

Yesterday, the Six Nation Snipers closed out the ALL East 2024 regular season with a win over the Paris RiverWolves. The Snipers made a statement in their victory by winning by 12 goals, with the final score being 23 – 11.

This win brings them up to sixth in the standings, a jump from eighth, where they sat for most of the season.


Six Nations opened the game with intensity, scoring the first four goals of the game, all from different players. They played well on the defensive end as well, only allowing one goal from the RiverWolves scored by Andy Campbell. He brought the lead down to a three-goal difference of 4 – 1, but Six Nations didn’t let the game stay close in the next period.

The Snipers put on a showcase in the second quarter, scoring 11 times in a row without giving up a single goal to the RiverWolves. The goals were distributed by most of the team and Brent Longboat was the only player to score more than once during this stretch. This put Six Nations up 11 – 1 going into halftime.

The scoring was more balanced in the third quarter, most of it occurring in short spurts. Paris had the first two goals which were followed by two from Six Nations. The RiverWolves reacted to this with another back-to-back scoring output and the Snipers closed out with a three-goal run. Although Paris succeeded in cutting into the lead, Six Nations were still up 16 – 5 at the quarter’s end.

The Snipers built on the momentum they had from the last period, extending their lead with five more goals by the quarter’s halfway point, but the RiverWolves fought to reduce the goal difference. In the last 7 minutes, Paris outscored Six Nations six to two, cutting their gap down to 12.

Dustin Hill and Josh Miller from the Snipers along with Alex Kew from the Riverwolves were the game’s three stars. Miller and Thunder Hill led Six Nation in points with eight, and Kew led Paris with five.