by Andre Spence

Yesterday, the All-East had another doubleheader for week 10. Four teams fought for the win, and similar to last week, both Durham-based teams won.

The Whitby Steelhawks beat the Peterborough Timberman 16 to 9, and the Oshawa Outlaws beat the Paris RiverWolves 14 to 10.

Game 1 – Steelhawks and Timberman

The Steelhawks started the scoring for the game. Nikolai Farrus scored around four minutes in and started the lead that remained for the rest of the game. Luke Kennan secured a second goal for the Steelhawks about five minutes later, but neither team scored again until the next period. The score ending the first was 2 to 0.

The second quarter was the opposite of the low-scoring first. Whitby scored just over three minutes in and half a minute later, Aust Murphy scored Peterborough’s first goal.

But after this, the Steelhawks started a run that would last the rest of the period. They scored six in a row, each from a different player. The Timberman ended the half with their own goal, putting them down 2 to 9.

The Steelhawks continued their dominance in the third quarter. They were the only team to score, and Luke Keenan scored one of the three goals for the period. The quarter ended with a ten-point lead for Whitby, 12 to 2.

Peterborough fought to stay in the game in the fourth quarter. Dylan Goddard scored 30 seconds in and helped the Timbermen reach their six goals in the last period, but Whitby didn’t sit back a watch. The Steelhawks scored four of their own goals and maintained their lead.

The game ended with Whitby up 16 to Peterborough’s 8. Trent Boyd and Nikolai Farrus both lead the team with seven points each.

The Steelhawks continue their winning streak of four and stay first in the standings with eight wins and one loss. The Timbermen stay fourth in the East with a record of five and four.

Game 2 – Outlaws and RiverWolves

Noah Milsap from the Outlaws started the scoring for the second game. But Cole Spear from the RiverWolves followed up with his own goal shortly after. Both teams continued their scoring, resulting in two more goals for each team. This put the score at 3 to 3 by the end of the quarter.

The scoring for the second period was similar to the first, neither team gained more than a two-point lead. But by the halftime buzzer, Paris put them up one point, with the score at 6 to 5.

To start the third quarter, Oshawa tied the game. This started a run that put the Outlaws in the lead. They outscored Paris five to one and by the end of the period, the RiverWolves were down 7 to 10.

Oshawa held on to their lead for the closing quarter. The teams went goal-for-goal and the Outlaws closed out with a four-point lead. Gareth Haigh and John St. John both led the Outlaws in points, that being five total.

Oshawa won 14 to 10, bringing their record to 6 and 3, third in the East. Paris’ record is at 6 and 2, second in the East.