Recap Week 8 Games

by Savanna Smith

On February 13th, 2023, the Arena Lacrosse League West Women's held their third weekend of games at the Langley Field House; on the unceeded Traditional Territory of the Kwantlen, Katzie, Semiahmoo, and Matsqui First Nations.

Team Hawks player #4 Bianca Santucci driving to net against Team Bats player #14 Tara Loseth

The first game on Feb 13th was between the Flight Squirrels vs the Deer, that took place at 5:00 pm. Both teams came with high intensity and determination. Flying Squirrels goal tender # 01 Dorothy Paul with 14 saves, and Team Deer goal tender #00 Julie Spooner with 55 saves! Flying Squirrels beat the Deer 14 to 1.

Flying Squirrels point scorers were #4 Cayla Stewart with 2 assists; #5 Mariah Whitfield with 2 goals; #6 Daniela Carey with 2 goals; #9 Alana Quackenbush with 1 assist; #10 Michela Paterson with 5 goals and 2 assists; #11 Ava Regan with 1 goal; #12 Megan Stewart with 1 goal and 2 assists; #15 Veronica Richardson with 1 assist; #16 Harlowe Steele with 2 goals and 2 assists; #17 Ashley Bull with 1 goal and 2 assists; and #18 Tessa Venable with 1 assist.

Deer point scorers were #4 Alex Paterson with 1 goal. 

Team Hawks #16 Rylee Mackenzie up against Team Bats #4 Naomi Walser and #9 Nadia Bruno

The second game was between Team Hawks vs Team Bats, that took place at 6:40 pm. Both teams battled it out and made for an exciting game to watch, leaving fans on their toes.  Hawks goal tenders #01 Julia Friesen had an impressive 36 saves between the two. Bats goal tender #01 Ella Friesen had a remarkable 40 saves; making this the battle of the Friesen goalie sisters! Hawks beat the Bats 7 to 5.

Hawks point scorers were #4 Bianca Santucci with 2 goals and 1 assist; #5 Chantelle Prestia with 1 assist; #6 Alana Taylor with 2 assists; #11 Breana Hollingshead with 1 assist; #14 Ruby Charney with 2 goals and 1 assist; #16 Rylee Mackenzie with 1 goal; #18 Kameko Hall with 1 goal; and #01 Ella Friesen with 1 assist. 

Team Turtles #7 Morgan Sherley with a behind the back goal!

The third game was between Team Turtles vs Team Bears that took place at 8:25 pm. Both teams played well and fought hard. Team Turtles goal tender #00 Rhyan Holmes with an impressive 35 saves. Team Bears goal tender #00 Kristine Renaud with an amazing 27 saves. Turtles defeated the Bears 12 to 8.

Turtles point scorers were #2 Kailia Barteski with 1 goal; #6 Taylor Hamilton with 1 goal and 1 assist; #7 Morgan Sherley with 2 goals and 2 assists; #8 Olivia Ng with 1 goal and 2 assists; #9 Beth Anderson with 1 goal and 1 assist; #11 Haley Penner with 1 assist; #12 Megan Kinna with 1 goal and 2 assists; #15 Saaya Bhandari with 1 goal; #16 Danita Stroup with 4 goals and 2 assists; #18 Meghan Ewald with 1 assist; and #19 Kameko Hall with 1 assist. 

Our final weekend of games is Feb. 18th starting at 1:00 pm at the Langley Field House we hope to see you there! We will be announcing the name and Trophy for the ALL West Women's League!!!