Team Power Rankings For Week Eight

by Gary Groob

1.  Paris RiverWolves (7-1)

With their victory over the previously undefeated Whitby Steelhawks, Paris has shown they are ready to challenge for the ALL Cup. Great defense, and solid goaltending will bring them a long way.

2. Whitby Steelhawks (7-1)

A very decisive win over the Peterborough Timbermen on Friday night had them looking unbeatable, but suffering their first loss to the RiverWolves have shown this team, while still a powerhouse, can be beaten.

3. St. Catharines Shockwave (3-4)

A strong win over the Oshawa Outlaws has this team moving up in the rankings. Good work by their special teams, as well as a balanced attack has them moving towards the top of the league. The defense is starting to show signs of the way they played in their championship run of last year.

4. Peterborough Timbermen (4-4)

Two lopsided losses, as well as having trouble fielding a full team has had the Timbermen drop in the rankings this week. The loss of their captain and leader Mark Vradenburg has proved to be very influential in their misfortunes, and hopefully a new leader will step up to help right the ship.

5. Oshawa Outlaws (3-5)

The Outlaws split their two games this weekend. A convincing victory over the Monarchs showed the talent of the team when they didn't get in penalty trouble. The next day against St. Catharines had them revert back to old habits, and were beaten by giving up powerplay goals as well as shorthanded goals.

6. Six Nations Snipers (1-6)

Finally the monkey is off their backs with a strong win over the Peterborough Timbermen. The Snipers have been close to victory on other occasions, but were never able to put together a sixty minute game, this time they were. A strong fourth quarter sealed their first victory of the year.

7. Toronto Monarchs (2-6)

The Monarchs had a another rough outing against the Oshawa Outlaws, and are looking for a more balanced scoring attack. Defense has been good, but not consistent, and with a few adjustments should get back in the win category.