Timbermen looking to call Millbrook, Ontario home

by Lance Winn

The Peterborough Timbermen and the Arena Lacrosse League eagerly await a decision by the Township of Cavan Monaghan regarding their landmark Millbrook Arena that would be instrumental in the Timbermen moving to Millbrook, Ontario. The arena, built in the early 1950's, was replaced by the new Cavan Monaghan Community Centre in September, it will no longer produce ice during the fall/winter months potentially paving the way for the arena to become a full time field house and a permanent home for the Timbermen and its Junior ALL program.

"We are excited by the talks regarding the Township keeping the arena operating which could include putting in a turf during the winter months which will provide the Timbermen a chance to play closer to Peterborough," stated ALL President Paul St. John. "Millbrook is a short fifteen to twenty minute drive from downtown Peterborough and will give the Timbermen their own identity instead of having to play out of Oshawa."

The township has a Council Meeting scheduled for Monday November 4 with a proposal regarding the arena submitted by the local Maple Leaf Soccer Club in partnership with the ALL on the agenda.

"We are confident that we can assist the township with keeping the arena open and costs down," said St. John. "There is a very limited number of full time dry pad arena's in Ontario and an even limited number of field houses in an arena setting where turf is part of the venue. Soccer players are forced to train in gymnasiums and as for lacrosse players, the options are even less. This will start to connect the dots across Ontario with the TRAC in Oakville, the ILA in Hagersville and Syl Apps in Paris."