Monarchs loss to Shockwave solves little as playoff seedings still unclear

by Paul St. John

The Toronto Monarchs lost 17-12 Friday night to the league leading St. Catharines ShockWave, missing out on an opportunity to move up in the Arena Lacrosse League standings. Heading into the weekend we had 10 scenario's in play as five teams battle for playoff seeds. Here is the current standings and playoff scenario's following Friday night's game.

Current standings based on head to head tiebreakers are:

St. Catharines ShockWave 12-1

Peterborough Timbermen 8-5

Paris RiverWolves 6-7

Oshawa Outlaws 6-7

Toronto Monarchs 5-9

Six Nations Snipers 5-8

Whitby Steelhawks 4-9

So let the fun begin with the following 10 scenario's in play:

Scenario 1. Whitby can move into 6th with a win Saturday over Oshawa and a Six Nations win over Peterborough Saturday afternoon. If this scenario happens both Whitby and Toronto will finish 5 and 11. Whitby owns the head to head series 2 games to 1. Toronto would finish 7th.

Scenario 2. If Whitby wins vs Oshawa, and Six Nations loses Saturday against Peterborough, Whitby, Six Nations and Toronto finish tied at 5 and 11, therefore we would go head to head amongst the 3. Toronto would be 3 and 2, Six Nations 2 and 2 and Whitby 2 and 3, . Based on winning pct between the 3 teams: Toronto would finish 5th, Six Nations 6th and Whitby 7th.

Scenario 3. If Oshawa and Paris both win their games this weekend and finish at 7 and 7, Paris gets 3rd and Oshawa 4th based on Paris 2 and 0 record head to head with Oshawa.

Scenario 4. If Six Nations wins Saturday, Oshawa wins Saturday, and Paris loses Sunday, Paris and Six Nations finish 6 and 8. Paris would get 4th place and Six Nations 5th based on Paris 2 and 1 record head to head with Six Nations.

Scenario 5: If Paris loses, Oshawa loses, and Six Nations wins, we have a 3-way tie for 3rd:

Paris vs Six Nations 2-1 plus 1

Paris vs Oshawa 2-0 plus 5

overall 4-1 minus 6

Six Nations vs Oshawa 1-1 plus 5

Six Nations vs Paris 1-2 minus 1

Overall 2-3 plus 4

Oshawa vs Six Nations 1-1 minus 5

Oshawa vs Paris 0-2 minus 5

Overall 1-3 minus 10

Paris would finish 3rd, Six Nations 4th, and Oshawa 5th

Scenario 6. If both Six Nations and Whitby lose Saturday, Six Nations and Toronto finishes tied for 5th at 5 and 11. Toronto would get 5th based on their 2 and 0 record head to head with Six Nations. Six Nations finishes 6th.

Should be a fun day Saturday with both games having an impact on seeding. Join us Children's Arena for Six Nations and Peterborough at 3pm followed by Whitby at Oshawa at 7pm.