Jordan Dance's Stellar Performance Propels Toronto Monarchs to Victory

by Andre Spence

Jordan Dance’s performance helped the Toronto Monarchs beat the Six Nation Snipers 15 to 12 last night, at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre.

The Snipers started the scoring for the night, gaining a two-goal advantage early in the first quarter. But this lead wouldn’t last.

The Monarchs led five to three by the end of the opening period, and the score remained close for most of the game.

However, in the fourth quarter, Toronto created a large gap; leading by five, with eight minutes left. The Snipers shortened the point difference to three points with two minutes left. But were unable to match the Monarchs’ scoring.

Toronto’s leading scorer, Jordan Dance ended the night with six goals and two assists. He made an impact in every quarter, being a key factor in the Monarch’s win.

Toronto takes on the Brampton Express next on Feb. 2 in an away game, and Six Nations battles the Whitby Steelhawks on Feb. 3, in an away game as well.