In Support for Kaylee Paterson

by Savanna Smith

Team Bears #17 Kaylee Paterson during her Dec. 17, 2022 game vs Team Bats

On Thursday, February 9th, 2023 the Paterson family received terrible news that Kaylee had been hit by a car as she was walking home from school in Richmond B.C. The vehicle had jumped the curb, hitting Kaylee and one of her friends. 

Kaylee, unfortunately, got the full impact of the car and was rushed to BC children's hospital with what turned out to be a severe head injury, large laceration and fractured skull along with a broken shoulder, elbow, arm and ribs. She was put into an induced coma to help with her healing and with great news five days later she woke up! The first thing she asked for her was her father and when can she go home.

 She has a long road to recovery which could be a few weeks to a few months in the hospital. She is aware of where she is and knows who she is which is great news for both of her parents, siblings and her extended lacrosse family.

Team Bears #17 Kaylee Paterson dodging around Team Bats player #16 during her Dec. 17, 2022 game vs Team Bats
Kaylee is a very strong young lady and it shows in how quickly she has reacted to her treatment. Kaylee has been active in lacrosse in Richmond and New Westminster in both box and field lacrosse. She referees both sports and also plays with Fusion West lacrosse. As well as plays in the ALL West Women's on Team Bears. 

Lacrosse is her life and we in her lacrosse community want to help in any way that we can to get her back on the floor/field as soon as possible and to show our support during this trying time.

Her parents Greg and Meghan have been by her bedside and will remain with her until she can come home. "Greg's comment I'm not leaving the hospital until Kay does"

Team Bears with teammate Kaylee Paterson uniform #17, the team hung her jersey on the bench so that she could be there with them as they took on Team Turtles.

We are expecting a long road to recovery and are looking for assistance to help the family with the costs incurred during her hospital stay and her recovery when she comes home. If you would like to send wishes to her and her family please use; please include Kaylee Paterson to ensure that the messages get to the Paterson's.

If you would like to donate in support of Kaylee the link is