Arena Lacrosse League planning for September restart

by Lance Winn

The Arena Lacrosse League announced tentative plans to finish the 2020 season beginning in mid-September with the completion of the final two weeks of the regular season. Playoffs will follow in early October.

"This pandemic has proven very challenging for everyone around the we continue to learn more each day about Covid-19 we remain hopeful that life will start to return to what will be the new normal in the next couple of months and the ALL can finish the 2020 season," stated ALL President Paul St. John.

"We have reached out to our venues and have been able to confirm dates, of course these dates are tentative, but we need to plan ahead with the anticipation that by mid-summer we will be able to resume the activities that we are accustomed to, which includes playing the game of lacrosse. If we are still under quarantine then we will continue to make to necessary adjustments to finish the 2020 season before we move forward to the 2021 campaign."

ALL VP of Media and Public Relations Lance Winn explained, "This pandemic has not only changed the global sports landscape it has impacted our daily lives. We are not sure what the new normal will look like, but the ALL is committed to assuring the health and safety of our coaches, players and fans. This is our top priority. We will continue to monitor the progress of this virus and remain vigilant about new information and protective measures that we can incorporate into our future plans."


About the Arena Lacrosse League: Proud partners of the National Lacrosse League. the 'ALL' is a 7 team league that provides development for players with pro ambitions. Currently in its fourth season the ALL has provided over 75 players to the NLL, many gaining full time pro positions.