ALL West Women: Team Blue ties Team Black

by Savanna Smith

ALL West Women's Blue #20 Morgan Sherley fighting for the ball off the draw with ALL West Women's Black #18 Beth Anderson

On Jan.23,2022 ALL West Women's Blue took on ALL West Women's Black at the Langley Field House. The two teams battled it out; making for an exciting game and tough competition. In the end the two teams tied 5-5.

Blue goaltender #1 Ryleigh Sadler making holding her own with 21 saves. Black goaltender #39 Darcie Conkin making a whopping 38 saves. 

ALL West Women's Blue #5 Tiana Bikic dodging around ALL West Women's Black defender #17 Garret Atkins


  • Michela Paterson 1 assist
  • Meg Kinna 1 goal
  • Tiana Bikic 1 assist¬†
  • Taylor Hamilton 1 goal
  • Kiera Scot 1 assist
  • Morgan Sherley 2 goals
  • Neve Edgar 1 goal
  • Reese Jones 1 assist

ALL West Women's Black #19 Jenna Archachan bringing the ball up the floor; looking for a line to net.


  • Bianca Santucci 1 assist
  • Danita Stroup 2 goals
  • Megan Stewart 1 goal
  • Gaby Jones 1 goal
  • Taylor Murrell 1 goal
  • Kaylea Paterson 1 assist