ALL West Women inaugural season recap

by Savanna Smith

Growth of female box lacrosse speech by World Lacrosse member Michelle Bowyer

When ALL approached members of the female lacrosse community on the West Coast with support to run a women's division was the beginning of a surreal opportunity. The seed had been planted, but for this to become a reality it needed dedication and determination. With a short window of time between the conversation and reality it was vital to have a network of people. These people needed to share similar values, passion for lacrosse, and relentless determination to make it happen. We were fortunate to have these individuals involved throughout the process and  for these individuals to become unified. For this we raise our hands to them, and thank each of them for their contributions to the growth of female lacrosse, for sharing their passion with us and the success in our first season! 

For many female players growing up in BC there haven't been many opportunities to play the sport that we love, and to continue playing it as we get older. The idea of having a competitive league where older players of various ages could play together was a dream.  Arena Lacrosse League gave us the ability to play with or against females we had coached over the years; for mothers to play with their daughters; for sisters to play; for auntie and niece to play on the same team. For mentorship to happen among players new and experienced. This allowed the creation of a remarkable experience for all involved. 

Throughout the season we witness a shift in game play, and a increase in the show casing of players abilities and skills. With the first game came pre-game nerves and jitters. With most players having not been able to play in over two years, the atmosphere was undecided. Fast forward to the first whistle and the start of game play, the atmosphere quickly shifted. Watching intense game play, and determination on the players faces. As the players began to play the sport they loved there was a sense of the Medicine that comes from the Creators Game felt within the Arena. Each week players came excited to play and massive grins on their face. Every week we would see more fans sitting in the stands cheering teams on! The excitement was felt throughout each person who came to the games.  

We ended the inaugural season with 90 players registered and 18 more who expressed interest during our initial call out. We had eight coaches; six male and three female. Six officials; two female and four male. We are aiming to make improvements and add teams for our second season. To find ways to continue to open doors to allow for more opportunities for female participants in lacrosse.

Guest of honour Emily Goss seen with her are fellow teammates and friends

For those of you who haven't read the article written in collaboration with the NLL for National Girls and Women in Sports Day check out the link below!