by Andre Spence

The seventh week of the ALL East has concluded. The Whitby Steelhawks remain first in the East with a record of five, and one. The Paris RiverWolves continue to chase the number one spot in the standings.

The best team isn’t the only thing that hasn't changed. Parker Pipher from the Toronto Monarchs remains the East’s leading scorer. Pipher has 17 goals in the six games he’s played. He’s averaging 6.8 PPGA with a 63 per cent shooting split.

Pipher’s scoring helped the Monarchs move up to fifth in the standings from sixth.

Chris Attwood from the Oshawa Outlaws and Kurtis Woodland from the Paris RiverWolves are tied as the runner-ups in scoring, both trailing Pipher with 16 points.

Scoring isn’t the only thing; a well-executed pass can help a team gain some scoring leverage. John St. John from the Oshawa Outlaws leads the league in assists with 31.

St. John's passing assisted the Outlaws in their fourth place position this season.

The second-place leading passer is Devin Pipher from the Whitby Steelhawks with 30 assists, and the third is Parker Pipher from the Toronto Monarchs with 24.

In a game of points, reducing opponent scoring is crucial. Chase Martin from the Ohsweken Bears continues to lead the league in this area. He’s averaging 9.36 GAA with a 65 per cent save rate.

The Bears dropped down to sixth in the East despite his leading goalkeeping.

Lukas Coote from the Whitby Steelhawks follows Martin with the second-best GAA, and Chase Cosgrove from the Paris RiverWolves is third.