by Andre Spence

Four matches of lacrosse took place in the tenth week of the ALL East and the Whitby Steelhawks continued their lead of the league.

But this week, one person emerged as the goals leader. Nikolai Farrus from the Steelhawks has 25 goals, averaging 3.1 goals per game (GPG.)

Parker Pipher from the Toronto Monarchs is behind him with 23 goals, averaging 2.6 GPG and Gareth Haigh from the Oshawa Outlaws is in third with 22 and an average of 2.8 GPG.

Devin Pipher from the Steelhawks continues as the East’s assist leader. He has 49 assists and is averaging 5.4 assists per game (APG.) John St. John from the Oshawa Outlaws follows with 44 and an average of 4.9 APG. Parker Pipher from the Monarchs has 32 while averaging 3.6 APG.

Devin Pipher also continues his lead in points this week with 59 total, averaging 6.6 per game (PPG.) John St. John is second with 56 and a 6.2 PPG, and Parker Pipher has 55 while averaging 6.1 PPG.

Another Steelhawk is leading the league as the best statistical goalie, Lukas Coote. His goals against average (GAA) is 10.6 and overtook Chase Martin from the Ohsweken Bears. Martin now with the second-best average follows with a 11 GAA. Chase Cosgrove from the Paris RiverWolves is third with a 12.3 GAA.