ALL Combine and Draft to be held November 23

by Lance Winn

The Arena Lacrosse League 2019 Combine and Draft will be held Saturday, November 23 at Children's Arena in Oshawa. Combine start time is 1pm and is open to players 18 years and older as of December 31, 2019. The combine is open to both draft eligible players along with Arena Lacrosse League free agents. Players can register for the combine HERE.

The 2019 ALL Draft will be held following the combine when all seven ALL General Managers will have the opportunity to select players from the combine or the draft eligible list provided by the league. If players are unsure if they are draft eligible they should register via the ALL website and attend the combine to get themselves in front of the teams.

The 2019 ALL Draft is not open to the public, but results will be posted here as they happen with the start time scheduled for 6pm.